Protecting your natural stone countertop is a must. Just For Granite uses a 15 year (non-toxic) penetrating sealer (Dry-Treat) on all Stone pieces we fabricate and install (at no additional cost). While this "type" of sealer is more expensive than "silicone" based sealers that evaporate over a short time; we prefer to do it once and do it the best way possible.

Natural Stone Sealers do not change the color, shine, surface or appearance of the stone what-so-ever. It is clear substance that penetrates into the stone, coating the "pores" to keep liquids from being absorbed and causing stains.

If you have existing granite countertops that have not been sealed with a "penetrating" sealer such as Dry-Treat; we suggest calling Just For Granite to discuss having your counters professionally sealed by one of our trained team members. Quotes can be provided over the telephone or in person.

Please call Just For Granite regarding any “Care & Maintenance” questions: (317)-842-8255 Just For Granite
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